Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello, Balance

The days run together with taking care of our infant Carlin for this past month, and that has been OK. But today... today I found some balance that I didn't necessarily know I needed. One word: YOGA.

It occurred to me the other day as I munched on my favorite chocolate dessert bar (that I snuck off to the grocery store to buy one morning after dropping Abigail off at Pre-K) ... that, with all of the sitting around I have to do to nurse Carlin, I better start doing something, anything to combat the fat cells accumulating in my body. I imagine them gathering in my hips, thighs and booty, and believe me, I don't need more of a booty or  more shape to my hips. Although, my hubby, Paul, probably would think differently. LOL

So, this morning I got up (more like, rolled out of bed 20 minutes later than I should have) got dressed, put Carlin on the boobie while I instructed Abigail to get dressed and keeping on her daily routine of getting ready, made myself and Abigail our full breakfast (Carlin is still attached to the boobie), got her to school and came home determined to start that yoga DVD I've been glancing at for the past few days and make myself start something that would hopefully turn into my morning routine.

It... was wonderful. I could feel everything stretch that has felt cramped up after being pregnant, giving birth and from taking care of (and sleeping with) baby Carlin. My muscles were all but thanking me for the blood flow and deep breathing, as I found myself flowing with the moves as if I never stopped doing them.

Today, I found my center again, and found that I am more strong at my core than I ever was. My balance was superb, and only once did I sway off balance in transition from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 for the first time. Being it has been a while... probably close to 2 years.. since I have done a full yoga workout, a couple of breaks were definitely needed to get a drink of water, which was fine because Carlin demanded my attention a couple times.

It is important when doing a yoga workout that you find a routine that helps you find your breath, your center, then gently leads you into cardio, giving you stretches that you can feel deep within your muscles, stretching your spine, opening your ribcage... and then ends with gently bringing you back down to the floor into brief meditation, finding your breath again, clearing your mind, leaving you feeling ready for the day (or night if you wish). For me, starting my day with yoga has always set the scale for the day, and I do it with "SHAPE Magazine's Long, Lean & Strong DVD", that I just happen to find on sale for $5.00 one day. Still, it is the best I have tried yet.

Today, I found my balance. I do believe I will repeat this at least Monday thru Friday, for the better of my body and mind.

<3 MHM

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