Friday, April 12, 2013

Mule Wrestling!

Yes, I said

Mule Wrestling! 

No.... Not that kind. 

Keep reading!! 

Ever since I have been out of work, my mind has been going nuts with all of the things I have always wanted to do but have never had any time for. It has gotten so crazy (in my head) that I have informed the family that we will be doing a Family Vision Board

A vision board is simply a poster with photos and/or descriptions of your goals, and its purpose is to be hung where it is always at eye level so that you do not forget what you want to do next. It has been proven to work, as people tend to ALWAYS reach all of their goals because their goals are visually in front of them, keeping it all at the tops of their minds. 

I so needed this because I felt like my creative bubble was going to explode, feeling a bit overwhelmed with what to do first and how to start and what to buy and ... and..... UGH! 

I am a bargain shopper and do not wish to spend a lot of money in one place no matter what I am buying, and being that I am a hippie girl, I'd rather reuse, recycle, upcycle things instead of try to create things from brand new, unused materials. 

So, this is my first attempt at "Upcycling/Restyling". I cannot sew (never tried) and have zero patience right now to try to learn, so I researched what no-sew creations I could make. 

T-SHIRTS!!! Perfect! 

On one of my Thrifty Trips that I take once or twice a week, I found a rack of t-shirts for 50 cents a piece. SCORE! 

After swinging by the craft store to grab some fabric tape, fabric glue and some good, sharp scissors for cutting fabric, I raced home to begin creating. 

I found two shirts that have the name of a local-ish school's wrestling team on it and found it funny enough to be a style of it's own, so I grabbed one of them up to work on first. 

The bags/totes I created this time can be used every day for holding your wallet, phone, etc. Although I suggest putting any smaller items (such as lip gloss) in a makeup bag within the bags, otherwise they will just slip right out the bottom. 

Now, the only thing I have to hang these on is my daughter's painting easel, so bare with me on that. :) 

Here it is.... 

Shoulder strap bag with fringed bottom and top corners, topped with my first attempt at a fabric rose.
"Mule Wrestling"!! See what I mean?! LOL It is its own style. 

Here is my second bag.... (Abigail's fav)

Should strap bag fringed on the bottom and top corners with a heart design on front (covering up the  label that came on the shirt). The hearts will just get better looking as time goes on, getting more curly along the sides.

Here is the third bag.... 

This is a Hobo Tote Bag with shorter shoulder straps....

... and a drawstring bottom...

 This bag is perfect for  a reusable grocery/produce bag, a small beach bag, or for just running into town really quick!

But wait.. There's more! 

I also made this... 

A head band from the scraps from my bags (plus a cloth napkin I found at the thrift store)
Not so bad for my second attempt at a cloth flower!!!  :)

It's amazing what you can make with a pair of scissors, a little bit of fabric tape and some old t-shirts! 

This is a new addiction of mine and I don't plan on stopping here. Not sure if anyone would ever buy such things from me but who knows! 

My time is my own right now and having this time to center myself around my family, our goals and my creative aspirations is something I am not going to take for granted, so there's more to come! 

There are so many ideas I have for creating my own business out of our home, hobbies I want to start, things I want to sell... The sky is the limit and I have a long way to go because I haven't even left the ground yet!! :)

So there you go. I've shared with you the very beginning of my attempt to be crafty. Hope you like my creations! 

What are somethings you have made with your own hands? 

<3 MHM


  1. I admit it - when I saw "Mule Wrestling" I was expecting something else. I've seen guys wrestle steer, so why not? These are super cute. But I'm not gonna lie to you: I am not a crafty gal. Unless you count my cunning thoughts, lol. But I do like the Mule Wrestling. You know, some moms would pay you to make one for them. Just sayin'.

    1. haha It IS possible!
      And I certainly don't mind selling them! :)

  2. Very clever! I'm loving this blog! :)

  3. This is sooo cool!!! Gotta LOVE your title :). I may need to share this with my son's teacher too! Thanks for blog partying with us! Stop by next week to share more of your favorite posts with us!

    The Wondering Brain

  4. Thanks, Jessica! See you next week! :)

  5. So clever! You are a million times better at crafts than I am! I bet you'll do well with this endeavor. Blessings!

  6. They look so funky and well..yeah, hippie :) And I love the head band, it's very cute :)
    This is so awesome to me as I cannot create anything, ever. I am nothing but a disaster :)

    Thanks for linking up back at my place.

    1. I have never EVER felt that I could create and I have been so intimated by not knowing how to sew that I have held back for so long. You should try no sew projects! You may surprise yourself. I know I did! lol
      Thanks for showing some love back! Have a beautiful Monday!

  7. Very cute. Etsy is a good place to start.

    1. Wow, thank you! I never thought about being worthy of Etsy! I just may look into that. Thanks for stopping by, Joyce! :)

  8. I tried to do things myself last Christmas for DH's presents but I was a bit too ambitious for some! This is so simple and effective!!

    1. It IS simple, and super fun to make!
      Thanks for reading! :)

  9. Hi I`m from Monday Mingle, I just love them, cool idea, thanks!

    1. Hello! I haven't started Mingling yet. I guess you're my first Mingler! LOL Yeah it's Monday and is too early. Must make coffee. :)
      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday!

  10. Wow you are creative! You may have found a new career! I am going to follow you and see what all you come up with.

    1. Thank you!! I sure hope so! :)

      Following you back.

      Have a great day!

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I'm beginning to believe that. LOL

  12. How cool! What a fun and unique idea. Thanks for joining the Show off Your Blog Party.

    A Dose of Jules

  13. Wow... What an amazing and creative idea. I think you have an opportunity here as your creations are one of a kind (unique). I love the bags and the little flower band is so cute. Keep this up! I would love to see more :)