Thursday, June 27, 2013

His Father's Day

After years of suffering, thousands of dollars spent on tests and several doctor's opinions, our family doctor of the last decade may have finally discovered the silent cause behind all of my husband Paul's ailments.

To list a few....

  • Inflammation of skin & joints
  • Irritation of skin / Unexplained rashes
  • Instant heartburn after eating 
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue (which he didn't notice he had until after treatment started, when fatigue subsided)

There are more things he suffers from (nerve damage, chronic back pain, etc) but those are due to a condition called Tethered-Spinal Cord Syndrome, something that is usually discovered in the early, toddler years of life, and not at the age of 35, which was Paul's case. 

Her discovery comes after she has realized food allergens that she, her husband and children suffer from, and since noticing positive changes after they all began special diets and taking supplements, she has been leaning toward more natural approaches in her practice with her patients. 

We're loving this transition. 

She told us about something called the Leaky Gut. { it sounds horrid, I know }

But it is rather fascinating once you start reading about it, and it has become clear to me that many probably suffer from this and haven't a clue! 

Millions could find relief by changing just a few diet habits, taking some supplements and avoiding too much yeast, perservatives, bleached flours and foods high in sugars, or refined sugars. 

We'll talk more on this later { look for a series of posts to document our new journey in defeating Leaky Gut } .... but this leads me right into this post and will give more understanding into exactly why Paul is on a new diet. 

She ran an in depth test on him and discovered his body is allergic to certain things, most likely causing the various agitations he suffers from.  

So she wants him to do a 6 week trial of eliminating those things. After which, once we can get his body balanced and free from all of these things his body deems as toxins, he can surely enjoy these things in moderation.

But for now this means.... 

No Wheat
No Rice
No Yeast {no beer}  :'(
No Refined Sugar
No High Levels of Sugar {no fruit}
No Crab 
No Cranberries
No Sesame Seeds (or oil
No Sunflower Seeds

Paul is the Cook of the household, and basically ALL that is mentioned above was pretty much the jest of our diet up until a few weeks ago.

~Which brings us to his Father's Day~

We tend to only get each other gifts that are more thoughtful and less materialistic when it comes to any occasion, so this Father's Day it only seemed natural to make a trip to the local nutritional shop and purchase items that can help alleviate the changes in his diet, which can effect a person & their quality of life in their day-to-day {especially one who cooks!} more than you'd think. 

For him to be able to go to the pantry and grab a bag of pasta noodles to make his delicious chicken Alfredo without having to cringe at the thought of knowing that, while the rest of the family will be enjoying the full meal with noodles, he will only be able to enjoy the chicken and the sauce.... His spirit is bound to avoid feeling a little broken.

To add to this thoughtful gift, the only thing that could make it better is if his lovely wife {muah} conquered the rare feat of making a meal for HIM rather than he making one for me. :)

So, here we go.... 

Consensus:  Noodles made with both
CORN & QUINOA are a bit more "crumbly" in texture.
Noodles made with only CORN better imitate
the standard pasta noodle.

The store had a variety of noodles, in fact... an entire isle. 

After 30 minutes of reading labels, I came home with noodles made from solely CORN and noodles made with both CORN & QUINOA. (pronounced KEEN-WAH)

For this meal I chose the noodles made from both ingredients and set out to make a cold pasta salad for lunch.

Ingredients Used:



Olive Oil

I boiled the noodles, rinsed them with cold water to cool them and set

 aside, all the while the chicken was cooking.

Next, it was time for the dressing. 

About a 1/4 cup of Olive Oil, juice from half a lemon, about an inch of Ginger diced fine, lots of Cilantro {we LOVE cilantro!} & Salt and Pepper.... 

And WAH-LAH! Mmm... 

Toss it all together and BAM! 
A visually appealing and tastefully satisfying light & healthy lunch was achieved. 
As was a well fed and happy husband with a calmed soul, a warmed heart and a smiling face. 


This is only the beginning of this new adventure for us! 

Life is always ever changing, sure to give us new perspectives at every turn. 

It keeps things interesting and keeps us learning, that's for sure!

Stay tuned for more on Paul's new foodie-journey as we defeat all of his ailments in an effort to secure a more enjoyable quality of life for him. 

I love you, honey.
We WILL get through this.

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  1. Huge dietary changes can take a bit to get used to. I know after my mum's heart attack we had to basically empty the whole pantry and start again. We now eat food very similar to what you described here, and even without massive amounts of salt, sugar and refined flour food can still be tasty. I wish you guys the best of luck, you'll all feel better with this new food path.

  2. It sounds a lot like the problems I have thanks to celiacs :) Be careful if he is sensitive with other foods with using quinoa or quinoa by itself. I have had a horrible reaction to it, even after being rinsed a ton. It makes me very sick to my stomach and achy all over. A lot of people don't do great with quinoa. I wish I could eat it since it's great for you. It takes a while to adjust to major food changes. There are still days where I just wish I could have a regular cookie :) I hope your husband starts to feel better!

  3. Wow, that meal looks yummy!! I'm praying for a smooth transition for all of your family. Sounds like you found a pretty good store to help you all out with his new diet!

    The Faithful & Frugal Fashionista

  4. Frustrating! We had to eat a gluten free diet for a couple years due to our youngest's allergies. It took a while for us to get used to, and we ended up learning how to make a lot of really nutritious dishes! I hope this all works out well for you and that you transition into the new diet without any problems. Good luck!!

  5. That dish looks so delicious and healthy. I definitely would like to try it.
    I hope your husband feels better soon. I know how difficult it can be to give up so much food that you love.
    Thank you for hosting "Showing Some Love hump day blog hop ".
    Have a great day!
    Bismah @

  6. The dietary changes may be really good for all of you. If he is feeling so much better he probably will be glad to say good bye to all those foods that are causing his problems. It sounds like he will be eating more like the Paleo/Primal type of eating.

  7. Genetically modified organisms in food is known to cause allergies, and leaky gut syndrome. I suggest watching the documentary on GMOs called Genetic Roulette. You can rent it for $2.99 with 7 days to watch it, it is about an hour and a half long.