Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Today I Lived and You Did too".... Guest Post by Rachel @ Hands Free Mama

Introducing Rachel @ Hands Free Mama

"I’m going Hands Free. I want to make memories, not to-do-lists.  I want to feel the squeeze of my daughter's arms, not the pressure of over-commitment.  I want to get lost in conversation with my spouse, not consumed by a sea of unimportant emails.  I want to be overwhelmed by sunsets that give me hope, not by extracurricular commitments that steal my joy.  I want the noise of my life to be a mixture of laughter and gratitude, not the intrusive buzz of cell phones and text messages.  I am letting go of distraction, disconnection, and perfection to live a life that simply, so very simply, consists of what really matters.  I’m going Hands Free.  And if this sounds like a life you want to start living, come along.  A Hands Free revolution starts here!  I hope you will join me!"

It is with absolute HONOR that Rachel has allowed us to broadcast her beautifully written ode to Motherhood, Womanhood & Life, and we are THRILLED to bring it to you on this special day, Mother's Day.

For me, her words are a great reminder to slow down and simply LIVE the moment in the Present

She reminds us that life is made up of tiny fleeting moments, and if we don't slow down, we'll miss them.

Her words in this post, as well as her entire new-found philosophy, is such an inspiration and is.... in my opinion...

So "hippie mommma" of her. :) 

Please be sure to visit her page to finish reading her post!  
You MUST read the entire post to appreciate it! 
She has recently accepted a book deal (YOU GO GIRL!) so we're being SUPER careful about this Guest Post. :)

 So, without further ado... We share with you...

Today I Lived and You Did Too

Today I was awakened by the sound of shuffling feet.
It was my early-bird riser in her big sister’s pajamas that drug across the floor.
I wanted to pull the covers over my head and feign sleep.
But instead I got up and made toaster waffles that she said tasted “divine.”
She kissed me with syrupy sweet lips.
Getting up wasn’t my first response. But I did it.
Today I lived.
Today she lost her shoes for the 37th time in two weeks.
It was right before we needed to head out the door.
I wanted to scream, to scold, to throw my hands in the air.
But instead I held her. I held her. My shoeless girl.
Together we found them wet with dew in the backyard and she whispered, “Sorry, I am forgetful, Mama.”
Being calm wasn't my first response. But I did it.
Today I lived.
 Today the birds....  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 
Please visit Hands Free Mama to read the rest of this well written post that does exactly what we try to do here at Modern Hippie Momma with every one of our posts.... Inspire Thought. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too.

    1. Thank you, Munir. Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  2. Thank you sharing my message! It is truly an honor! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    1. Thank YOU for allowing us to share it! Such a great reminder we can all use from time to time. :) Thanks, Rachel! Hope your day was splendid!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that it's the moments that we stop and enjoy that make our souls whole. Today I too will choose to live and love.

    1. You're so welcome, love. I return to her words often now! :) Thanks so much for coming by! xo

  4. What a beautiful message - we all need that reminder to slow down and appreciate life from time to time!

    1. Yes, we certainly do. :) Thanks, Lisa! <3