Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grain-free Rosemary Crackers by MHippieMomma photo credit

We've been grain free for several months now, and we're never going back! It is amazing how much better our bodies work, how much better we feel and even our weight and skin complexion has improved! 

Today, I bring you a joyous treat, especially for those wine lovers out there... 

Grain Free Rosemary Crackers

Can we all do a collective "Yummmmm" now? :)

We've always enjoyed our rosemary crackers with our "stinky cheese" as we like to call it, along with our favorite organic red wine, but even as delicious as it is, we're still not willing to cheat on our new diet just to enjoy it. 

That's where this yummy recipe comes in to save the day! This is my own adaptation of a few different recipes I have read here and there. I add more than most call for in rosemary, and I only roughly chop it, instead of chopping it finely as most recipes suggest. Rosemary is one of my favorites so I actually look forward to it getting stuck in my teeth a bit... MMmmm.. LOL But chop it finely if your heart desires! I also make my 1/2 tsp salt a HEAPING 1/2 tsp because my husband is a salt lover. I'm pretty sure he must have some sort of salt shortage going on in his system. 

Here it is! Enjoy!! 

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