Monday, March 11, 2013

Just a Standard Nipple.... Go figure

Yesterday was an exciting day for us! Well... it was exciting for Mommy & Daddy at least.

***Carlin had his 1st bottle feeding!!! 

He is 6 weeks old and is beyond well established in breastfeeding, so I felt it was time to test the waters with bottle feeding.

This is great news for us as parents because, in order for us to be able to get a babysitter for our little man so that we can go be husband and wife for the first time in a LONG time, he needs to be able to eat from a bottle and not just my boobies.

First, we tried the Medela Calma Bottle, which is around $20.00 per bottle.

It is a new, state of the art bottle designed with breastfeeding in mind. The baby must suckle the nipple as baby would suckle the breast to first draw the breast milk down into the chambers of the nipple (which would equate to "stimulating" in breastfeeding, to bring the milk "down" to allow for full flow). And then only with the baby nursing just as he would from the breast, will the milk come out of the nipple and into baby's mouth.

It sounded so good.... We were SOLD!

However, it failed. Miserably.

First of all, the nipple is not even the shape of a nipple. It is more of a tube-like shape. That had me questioning it from the beginning, along with the fact that the nipple didn't seem to be soft enough to mimic the breast as they say it does, but again... we were sold on the sales pitch, loved that the bottle acted as a the breast and wanted to give it a shot.

This bottle may work for some babies, but Carlin was not having it. He gnawed on it for a while, before eventually just getting royally pissed.

So,  I grabbed the 4 oz. glass bottle we bought for less than $2.00 a piece at the Liquidators, which sports a standard, old fashioned nipple, by the way... And I then crawled on the floor up to Daddy who was feeding Carlin ...   (side note: when you desire to continue to breastfeed and want to introduce a bottle for the first time, it is best for someone else to feed your baby the bottle and for you to stay out of sight and quiet

... I then transferred the milk from Mr. Calma to Mr. Glass (I just named it that)..... AND.... WAH-LAH!


I stood on the other side of the room silently bouncing up and down, celebrating the moment and, of course, jolted to the baby book to log the date and time of this milestone!!!

Being the hippies that we are, it is a big bonus for us that Carlin prefers drinking from a bottle made of glass so that we are certain to stay away from the chemicals found in plastic bottles. Yes, Medela bottles say BPA free, but still. Nothing beats a glass bottle!

IN CONCLUSION! This means (after I get the IUD in place in a few weeks) that Mommy & Daddy get to go on a date soon! :) Yay Carlin and YAY for us!

<3 MHM


  1. I'm so happy for you. Eli didn't take the breast at first so he had a bottle from day 1 and then we went from Breast milk n there to breast milk form moma. :) Enjoy your date night when you get it

  2. So happy for you! I had one that never took a bottle. NEVER! The dad came near me and it was WAR! Which was probably ok cause he was child number 4 and by then, if the dad looked at me funny, it was war lol! Hope you have a great day!


  3. YAY! I encourage bottle feeding once in a while so daddy could bond with our son and if i needed/wanted to go out I could without a fuss. Enjoy your well deserved date night!

    Nat :D